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Whilst popular in other countries such as the United States for some time now, the i-Lipo Laser Lipolysis 'Celebrity Treatment' is relatively unknown here in the UK. The painless, non-invasive process involves the application of pads to a specific area of the body which disrupts fat cells causing the contents to be released. A short session on a vibrating plate will effectively break the contents of these fat cells up allowing the body to process and get rid of them.

For best results, it is important for clients to increase their water intake, exercise and refrain from eating fatty foods.

With healthy lifestyle changes to diet and exercise, the treated areas will remain more lean and the positive results will continue to show over the weeks/months following and also will be maintained.

The utmost care has gone into Evanesce Utopia from the décor and artwork to the colour scheme. A timeless and classic combination of varying shades of black and white with hints of Gold that emit luxury, sophistication and prestige. All of these elements combine harmoniously to create a positive environment in which to increase your sense of self-worth and enhance the state of body and mind.


A place so perfect there is complete contentment

Evanesce Utopia was created from a vision that refining body should also refine mind. We offer a relaxing, friendly, luxurious experience which will provide an escape leaving you more confident with an increased sense of well-being.


To dissipate or disappear into vapour

Our most popular treatment at Evanesce Utopia is the *Award winning*  

i-Lipo Laser Lipolysis treatment which effectively breaks down fat cells into nothing. As the fat dissipates so will insecurities and low self-confidence issues. Our range of other relaxing treatments and calming environment will also help stress and tension disappear.

What makes us different

We offer a premium body contouring fat reduction i-Lipo Laser Lipolysis service & an extensive range of Specialist Skin treatments

  • Each new client receives a Welcome & Information Pack as part of a friendly consultation.
  • Every treatment is exclusive with a VIP service from our therapist.
  • A professional and respectful service.
  • An environment that is stress-relieving, relaxing and warm giving you an experience that will leave you feeling valued.
  • Complimentary mineral water for clients.
  • Free use of vibrating plate for lipolysis clients.
  • Premium Membership Discount Card scheme with rewards in the form of regular discounts, coupons and special events.