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(45 minutes) - £45.00

Whether you're in the dryness of office air conditioning, in the dusty environment of a warehouse or outside in the harsh weather, your face is becoming more and more damaged.

Extreme face reconditioning for men is specifically designed for tougher skin and can minimise the damage and counter the blows that everyday life deals you and your face.

1. First Clean

Removes all surface contaminants from the skin making it much better to work with.

2. Deep Exfoliation

Diamond Microdermabrasion ensures all dead skin cells are effectively removed whilst unblocking pores, drawing out any excess oil and lifting/preventing in-grown hairs on the face and neck.

3. Massage

The face is vacuum massaged to improve circulation, increase cell renewal and enhance relaxation.

4. Masking

A mask is applied which calms the skin leaving it supple and protected.

5. Final Coat

CLARINS moisturising anti-ageing balm is applied to offer protection to the newly restored skin.

Extreme Face Reconditioning For Men