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Before & After 4Laser Lipolysis treatments

Before & After 1 Laser Lipolysis, micro current & Photon therapy treatment (Photos taken immediately before & after 60 minute session)

Watch Jon A. Perlman, MD (Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery) on American Health Journal featuring i-Lipo

​1 x 35 minute session (4 Large pads/1-2 areas) - £60.00 (RRP £150.00)

1 x 35 minute sessions (8 Large pads/Full body treatment) - £120.00 (RRP £300.00)

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As part of the service we offer we will take your measurements before, during and after treatment. This way you can see the figures change on paper as your figure changes in person.  

​​​Unlike invasive surgical SmartLipo and Liposuction or uncomfortable Cryolipolysis, i-Lipo is a pain-free way to remove body fat. Each treatment produces visible results with no incisions, red marks or recovery time and if combined with mild exercise and a balanced diet results are maintainable.


How it Works

Low level diode lasers penetrate below the skin surface and stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The fat cells change shape and intracellular fat is released. The fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the lymphatic drainage system. This process means that fat can be removed from targeted areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs. Each session lasts 35 minutes and on average around one and a half to two centimetres (per measured area) will be lost per session which is equivalent to 300 - 400 calories (600 - 800 during a full body treatment). As Laser Lipolysis does not permanently kill the fat cells it is safer than traditional Liposuction. This is because invasive Liposuction stops fat being stored in treated areas meaning it could be stored around the heart and vital organs posing possible health problems. With Diode Laser Lipolysis this is not a concern.

Where it came from

Diode Lasers were originally used by Doctors to tone skin and reduce scarification on patients. They started to notice that the area to which the diodes were applied showed signs of localised fat reduction as a side effect. Since then these machines have been refined to offer fat reduction and skin toning with many reporting the reduction of stretch marks and tighter skin.

i-Lipo Laser Lipolysis is perfect for those who;

  • Are looking to improve skin tone which can be stretched and damaged due to weight gain and pregnancy (not currently offered by any other form of lipolysis)
  •  Prevent being left with loose/sagging skin by increasing collagen production/elasticity by having regular sessions during weight loss journey
  • Cannot exercise as much as would like to due to injuries *Use our Infrared Sauna in- conjunction with       i-Lipo treatment is recommended
  • Are looking for treatment and advice without the ongoing weekly cost of a personal trainer
  • Are exercising/training often but struggling to target stubborn areas such as lower back/hips, abdomen/lower stomach, inner/outer thighs
  • Cannot afford the cost or recovery time associated with risky, expensive, invasive cosmetic surgery
  • Have tried and failed unrealistic monotonous plans set by diet clubs
  • Are looking for help to make healthy lifestyle changes

The machines we use are made by Award winning company Chromogenex (a UK manufacturer) and Mitsubishi, both reputable manufacturers with reliable, effective equipment. In addition to this the diode laser pads on our machines are larger than those of others meaning a larger area will be targeted for fat reduction and improved skin-tone.

i-Lipo Laser Lipolysis (Non-invasive)