EVANESCE UTOPIA Weight loss, Skincare, Health & Well-Being

  (60 minutes) - £56.00
 A calming facial treatment with Lavender enriched gel applied to skin then covered with gauze for deep penetration following microcurrent & photon therapy (the electrical pulses effectively 'inject' the product into deeper).

Lavender is renowned for relaxing both the mind and body. Cooling Witch Hazel reduces inflammation, soothing and healing irritated skin. Pore size is reduced as well as puffy/swollen under eyes, also aiding in the healing of minor skin conditions.

Ease dry, stressed and problematic skin with this exceptionally soothing and therapeutic facial.

Recommended for stressed skin. 

Key benefits;
  • reduces 'bags'/swollen/puffy eyes 
  • relief for sensitive, dry and irritated skin soothing for stressed skin
  • great for helping control acne
  • relaxing and calming
  • anti-redness properties
  • cooling 
  •  moisturising 
  • restores a feeling of calm, especially before sleep

Smooth & Soothe Lavender Facial Treatment