EVANESCE UTOPIA Weight loss, Skincare, Health & Well-Being

(60 minutes)  - £56.00

A vitamin-rich facial treatment to revitalise neglected skin.

Protective antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin A unite with added Aloe Vera to help improve skin clarity and texture to reveal a bright, healthy and energised complexion. Smooth and illuminate to restore an awakened, youthful appearance.
Recommended for neglected skin, lacking lustre, or sun damaged skin.

Includes ULTRASONIC peeling & renewing treatment, microcurrent & photon therapy for instant results.

​Gentle electrical pulses effectively 'inject' products deep into the dermal layers anti-oxidant vitamin enriched products renew and revitalise complexion ideal for neglected, sallow skin helps improve surface clarity and texture suitable for dull, lifeless skin great for sun-damaged or city skin helps to brighten the skin for a smoker deeply exfoliates a preventive treatment for the face - prevents ageing effects that are accelerated by sun damage/cold winter drying effects/pollution/alcohol consumption and so on.

Vitamin C 'no needles injection' Facial Treatment